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August, 2010 - Winning Colours Australia is excited to announce that Winning Colours Stain Remover will now be on the shelves in the Progressive Group of stores in New Zealand.  Woolworths, Countdown & Foodtown


NEWS RELEASE 26 May, 2010

Winning Brands Update: Saving Oil-Fouled Animals

'Thank You a Thousand Times!' to Winning Brands From Europe

How a Danish Ambassador and a dog named Maggie may help oil-fouled animals everywhere

North American manufacturer of popular Winning Colours Stain Remover announces arrangements for its first commercial shipment of Winning Colours to Denmark, where it is known as 1000+™, as in all non-English speaking markets.  The new shipment comes amidst a celebration of miracles, large and small – in this case delivered in the form of a bottle of 1000+, now a symbol to many Danes of a happy ending to a terrible act of animal cruelty.

"Thank you a thousand times!" was the message from Elsebeth Kvistgaard, owner of a puppy named Maggie that became the sudden focus of attention for Danes upon learning that the beautiful Golden Retriever had been doused in used motor oil and diesel fuel by a stranger.  The case had become all the more frustrating because no solution was available to remove the oily mess from Maggie's coat without discomfort to the dog.  Up to that point, dishwashing liquid had previously been considered the preferred option amongst animal protection personnel in Denmark and elsewhere.  In Maggie's case, this approach was not sufficient.

With the assistance of Danish police, Mrs. Kvistgaard was put in touch with Winning Brands' new Product Ambassador Peter Talmark, enabling the exchange of the very last prototype bottle of 1000+ in the country.  They drove a combined distance of 250 miles to make the exchange with the result that Maggie's coat was soon "soft and fluffy" again, restored remarkably and harmlessly.


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